Ale Trail 2016 – Day 6

originally posted on 08/15/2016

We set forth from Port Alberni, after some tasty and simple eats for breakfast. There were, of course, some stops to be made before we left. One specific stop to be precise, Port Alberni’s own The Donut Shop. We grabbed a delicious assortment (some of which currently reside in our freezer), and motored on out of the Twin City, back to our home turf, to make one final stop on the Ale Trail.

Last on the journey was a Nanaimo institution, the Longwood Brewery. However, before we made our way there, it was time to fill our bellies with some extremely delicious ramen bowls from Wa-Ku, a great little restaurant on Bowen Road. It was yet another stop that I can’t recommend enough, for locals and those of you visiting Nanaimo. The miso ramen gets a strong recommend from Brendan.

Surprisingly full of soup, we headed to the out-of-the-way brewery, and settled in to the small, but cozy tap room for our final flight. Six offerings from Longwood, including a stout, and all were pretty strong entries to be sure. The most noteworthy were, for Melissa, the Berried Alive Raspberry Ale and, for Brendan, The One That Got Away, a fabulous seasonal offering that wound up gracing our howler.

We picked up a couple of bombers on the way out as well, and made our way back home, bringing to an end this absolutely fantastic adventure. This experience was unlike anything else, and something that the both of us simply couldn’t recommend more.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you, and chat about your favourite beers and breweries.

Also, just for those keeping track, the total sampled beers ended up being a whopping 42.

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