A complete list of my published work and links to the external sources.


2017/07/19 Death, Dying, and the Ways We Deal in What Remains of Edith Finch

2017/06/12 Beyond Good and Evil 2 Finally Announced at E3

2017/06/12 Transference VR Annouced at E3, Featuring Elijah Wood

2017/06/11 The Last Night and Artful Escape Coming to Xbox Console Exclusively

2017/06/11 A 100 Player Battle Royale, Battlegrounds is an Xbox Console Exclusive

2017/06/11 Metro: Exodus Revealed at E3 2017 Conference

2017/06/10 Break out of Prison With a Friend in “Brothers” Developer’s New Game “A Way Out”

2017/05/29 Mass Effect: Andromeda Review: New Galaxy, Old Systems

2017/05/26 Horizon: Zero Dawn Review: Brave New Frontier

2017/05/24 Batman: The Telltale Series Review: The Dark Knight’s Open Book

2017/04/12 Resident Evil VII: Bioharazrd Review: Welcome to the Family

2017/04/05 SIM – Sara Is Missing Review: Phone Over Function

2016/10/03 Alone With You: Video Game Review

2016/09/19 No Man’s Sky: Captains Log #2

2016/09/01 No Man’s Sky: Captains Log #1

2016/08/23 On No Man’s Sky: Hype Dreams

2016/08/18 Stifled Preview: Don’t Speak

2016/07/01 Fall Out 4: Far Harbor Review: Noir Harbor

2016/07/01 Awe & Sublime Horror: Giant Sparrow’s Edith Finch

2016/06/15 Stifled is a Thriller That Gives You the Power of Echolocation

2016/06/15 Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour Review: PT’s Older Brother

2016/06/15 First Gameplay Revealed for Friday the 13th: The Game

2016/06/13 New Gameplay for Horizon: Zero Dawn

2016/06/13 New VR-Ready Resident Evil Announced

2016/06/13 Sony Announces New God of War Game

2016/06/13 The Unfinished Swan: A Kingdom of Loss

2016/05/27 Stardew Valley Review: Love in the Valley

2015/12/07 Soma Review: Drowned Inspiration

2015/12/07 Fallout 4 Review: Home on the Wastes

2016/11/30 Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

2016/11/30 Holiday Movies (list)

2016/11/30 The Adventure Zone Podcast Review

2016/11/16 Potted Potter: A Review

2016/11/16 Anthology of Aboriginal Writers and Artists From BC Released This Month

2016/11/16 The Wailing: A Korean Horror Epic

2016/11/02 Teenwolf & Static: Nowstalgic Album Review

2016/11/02 Comically Unfunny

2016/11/02 #31DaysOfHorror Part 2 (list)

2016/11/02 Potted Potter: 2 Actors, 7 Books, 70 Minutes

2016/11/02 The Eerie Accuracy of Black Mirror

2016/10/19 Sausage Party: Digging in to Food Orgies and Existential Tacos

2016/10/19 Tickled: The Strangest Film of 2016, a Review

2016/10/05 #31DaysOfHorror Part 1 (list)

2016/10/05 Your 2016 Halloween Primer (list)

2016/10/05 Music Round-up: September Edition (list)

2016/10/05 A Trip to the VR Zone

2016/09/21 The Living Finger: A comic book review

2016/09/21 Lets Give Violence a Chance: G.L.O.S.S’ Trans Day of Revenge

2016/09/21 Alone With You: Video Game Review

2016/09/21 No Man’s Sky: Hype Dreams

2016/09/21 Nerd Pride at MosaiCon

2016/09/07 The Ale Trail

2016/09/07 Ghostbusters Review

2016/09/07 Music Round-up: Summer Edition (list)

2016/09/07 Stranger Things Review

2016/09/07 Best of the Break (list)

2016/04/06 The Nosleep Podcast and the art of the scary story

2016/04/06 Poetry in transit

2016/04/06 In the mood: An evening with the Glenn Miller Orchestra

2016/04/06 The sex-positive tunes of Rachel Lark 

2016/04/06 Slender movie review

2016/03/23 VIU theatre deserves an encore

2016/03/23 Ava’s Possession movie review

2016/03/23 Nina Forever movie review

2016/03/23 Contest to give voice to Aboriginal writers

2016/03/09 The Dirties: Movie review

2016/03/09 X-Fails: I no longer believe

2016/03/09 A  Wee-Tipple, and then another

2016/02/24 Best Pictures? (list)

2016/02/24 VISFF: They were short, and they were films

2016/02/10 Kindergarten: Da Bin Ich Wieder

2016/02/10 Mulan: Better with percussion

2016/01/26 No Girls Allowed: Star Wars toys exclude protagonist Rey

2016/01/26 #OscarsSoWhite… Again

2016/01/26 Sweet Dreams Norma Jean movie review

2016/01/13 Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie review: A franchise reawakened

2015/10/22 Crimson Peak movie review: A love letter to Gothic horror

2015/10/07 Movie Review: Deathgasm